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Choosing the right doctor or health care provider is of utmost importance. Whether seeking a primary care physician, a family medicine doctor, or pediatrician to serve as an ongoing partner in your health, or a medical specialist to provide advanced care for a serious illness or injury, our provider directory is designed to help you select the right provider. Our physicians and specialists treat patients from all of Vermont, northern New York and parts of New Hampshire. All providers listed here are on Fletcher Allen’s medical staff, and have the ability to admit patients here. The medical staff includes:

  • University of Vermont Medical Group providers: employed by Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont College of Medicine
  • Community providers: in private practice

Use the "Provider Type" menu to search our University of Vermont Medical Group providers, or to select all providers on the medical staff.

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Create your own printable Fletcher Allen Provider Directory with our Print On Demand feature. You can create a directory of all providers or an individual specialty. The directories are available as printable PDF files using Adobe® Acrobat®.